NearBytes has the perfect
solution for your business.

If you are looking for the best communication technology among different devices, NearBytes is the right choice.
Practical, safe and up to date, NearBytes can simplify and expand the possibilities for your business in ways you never imagined.
Compatible with all mobile phones, tablets and computers in the market.
Ready for use.
100% safe and with an authentication layer.
Low cost.
Doesn’t need internet access to work.
Allows communication between different devices.
Allows communication between different operational systems.
It doesn’t need a specific hardware to work.
If mobile payment is revolutionizing customer habits, doing it with NearBytes technology will be even better. This is because NearBytes offers the most complete, secure and practical solution that can be incorporated into your current payment system. It doesn’t need internet connection to do the transaction. The technology is compatible with all market devices, also enabling payments via mobile phone in e-commerce (the only technology that allows this type of operation).

NearBytes payment solution can be integrated into virtual wallets and in other payment systems. More security, speed and convenience for your customer's shopping!
It’s very easy to make payments via mobile phone with NearBytes. Check out those examples:

Physical stores payment

E-commerce payment

How does it work
NearBytes is the right choice for financial institutions, payment gateways, telecom companies and mWallet developers seeking the best mobile payment solution.
Understand how it works:
The customer types in the payment amount.
Confirm the payment with their four-digit password.
Click the confirmation button and it’s done! The payment was done successfully.
The client doesn’t need internet connection at the moment of payment.
NearBytes SDK
Do you have a contactless communication project between devices?

We have the solution!
The patent pending technology NearBytes SDK is a development package that allows to easily create a huge variety of contactless applications and even develop complex solutions involving credit transfer. Unlike others existing technologies, like Bluetooth and NFC, NearBytes SDK is compatible with all devices in the market and it doesn’t need internet to work.

More than 1,000 developers have confirmed the potential and efficiency of NearBytes SDK. Give it a try and be one step ahead of the market players!
Why NearBytes technology is the best option?
The NearBytes technology is the only one that brings together the necessary characteristics to guarantee the success of any contactless communication between devices. Check out the comparison table below between the mainstream technologies and understand why NearBytes is the most complete solution:
Bluetooth NFC NearBytes
Compatible with all mobile phones, tablets and computers in the market
Ready to use
Works offline
Provides a security layer and integrated authentication
Imagine if you could send information in real time to mobile viewers and radio listeners as they watch their favorite programs?

And even not needing cell phone signal and internet connection. Campaigns, product information, complementary content, discount coupons and various other forms of interaction with your audience are now possible with NearBytes technology.
See a practical example in this campaign conceived by Africa Agency for Itaú bank in partnership with NearBytes:
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