the best contactless
communication option

NearBytes began with a clear mission: make contactless communication between devices easy, affordable and efficient.

From this premise, the company developed in 2013 an innovative data exchange technology via sound waves that has been tested and proven by more than 1,000 developers in Brazil, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. The founders of NearBytes have been working in the digital market for over 20 years.

Today NearBytes is innovating and creating solutions in contactless communication in different markets, noticeably broadcasting (TV/radio), access control, payments in physical stores and e-commerce and ticket validation.
Why NearBytes technology is the best?
Although there are other proximity communication technologies, like Bluetooth/BLE, QrCode and NFC, just NearBytes meets the basic requirements of a successful solution.

It is the only technology that can reach all users, provide the necessary security to conduct transactions and provide an excellent and frictionless user experience. Get to know the difference:
  Bluetooth NFC NearBytes
Compatible with all mobile phones, tablets and computers in the market
Ready to use
Works offline
Provides a security layer and integrated authentication
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