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NearSDK is a communication solution that uses the NearBytes Mobile SDK and the NearBytes Web Plugin.

The Mobile Android/iOS/Windows SDK is a suite of software tools that allow software developers to include the NearBytes technology into their applications. This allows applications developed for different platforms to enjoy this new communication by proximity software solution, which is already available to billions of devices the world over.



Explore the NearBytes Community where you can find tutorials, and all documentation for developers that wish to find out more about the SDK.


Register for free, buy the initial activations package and download the SDK. Develop apps with NearBytes right now! The NearBytes SDK is already available for several platforms/frameworks.


Once the app is registered, it can be published and distributed freely!

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* Downloading the SDK you agree to be bound by the terms of this SDK License.

NearBytes is licensed with an SDK for various systems allowing the creation of all sorts of applications that transmit data using proximity.

A simple set of instructions establishes a communication system and even sets the stage for complex applications for credit transfer.
This SDK doesn't just limit itself to communication using sound. The NearBytes Mobile SDK will also be integrated into other proximity technologies making the transaction more transparent for both the developer and user.

Regardless of which technology is used, your application will communicate in a simple and safe way.

WEB Plugin

It's the software tool that enables communication by proximity between mobile devices and web pages browsed on computers. In this way, Web developers can enhance their solutions with the NearBytes technology, using just a few simple pieces of Javascript code.

Using the NearBytes Web Plugin in conjunction with the NearBytes SDK allows the development of a large variety of software solutions, allowing the communication between computers and mobile devices. It can be used, for example, in POS devices of physical and online stores. This solution combination can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as financial solutions, commercial and marketing applications, customer loyalty systems, games, and much more. It's an efficient tool for a number of tasks that are an integral part of e-commerce, marketing, promotions, events, and of course, electronic passwords and keys.

It's already available for installation on the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Safari and Apple Safari browsers, on all the popular operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux.


(security and authentication solution)
NearLogin is a NearBytes solution that streamlines the development and integration of Token, Password and Electronic Key applications for online and offline mobile devices.
NearLogin comes with a premium communication version of NearBytes and NearBytes Web Plugin, and includes a security layer with an OTP generator (One Time Password) using an advanced server structure.

With NearLogin integrated into mobile login application, the user just places his smartphone close to the other device, that can be a computer or tablet, and thus validates his operation in a fast and simple way.


A whitelabel solution for mobile payments ready to be launched with the client's brand
SndKey is NOT another mobile wallet for the market place. SndKey is a solution that can be integrated into various specific Mobile Wallet applications for mobile payments and also at the web (eCommerce).
By using several features that are available on NearLogin, SndKey is a service that allows payment applications to perform transactions on mobile devices both online and offline, with all the security features that are necessary in financial applications.

The service uses a system of disposable codes, based on the DSC (Dynamic Security Code) concept, one of the most efficient solutions for protecting financial systems. Also the payer need not be online at the time of the purchase.