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Carnaval 2014 O Globo


Everything about Rio's 2014 Carnival!

This year's app brings some news. By using NearBytes, any user can make their own Carnival group ( bloco ). Just get another person near by with the same app, get into the "bloco virtual" area, and connect through the NearBytes sound.


Top Cards - Soccer Cup '14


In this educational card game, discover amazing data about the 32 national soccer teams taking part of the 2014 soccer cup in Brazil.

You`ll play face-to-face with another player, each one on his own smartphone, using NearBytes technology.




Coinpok is a revolutionary bitcoin offline payment app. It provides a native way for payment by using offline coins.

Imagine when you want to pay bitcoin but with bad network connectivity, or on a trip without data roaming. Coinpok is the best bitcoin offline payment app.


Top Cards - Cidades do Brasil


In this educational card game, discover about the main Brazilian cities, with beautiful pictures from Opção Brasil Imagens, and cards showing statistics data, and history.

You`ll play face-to-face with another player, each one on his own smartphone, using NearBytes technology.




A simple application, both practical and intuitive, for exchanging personal and professional contact information between mobile devices.

After installing the application, you just create your own S-Contact business card, with data you wish to share in meetings and events.


The Flame


The application was developed with the goal of to embrace the WYD - World Youth Day of 2013.

You can share a gesture representing faith and love, spreading a FLAME - that symbolizes unity and faith the world over through proximity.


Fala Gigante


The application is for sharing your message with Brazil and the world.

You can choose a phrase from the application`s placard selection. Once you`ve chosen a placard, you can share it with people close by, with friends and acquaintances. Phrases and slogans can easily be shared with people close by, spreading various messages.


United Kingdom

White label version of the S-Contact application, marketed and in use in Europe. Was used in the Association Congress event (July 2013), for the 250 top organizers / exhibitors for trade fairs and events in all of Europe.

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