The Sound that Contains Data

Communication by proximity without any additional hardware

Works on any iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8 device

Web Plugin for communicating between computers and mobile devices

Offline data transfer

Secure authentication layer


NearBytes is ready, it can be used NOW by everyone.

NearBytes allows any current smartphone to communicate by proximity right now, thanks to a capability that all of them possess: SOUND!

NearBytes enables today, on any smartphone currently available, applications for mobile payment, fidelity, promotion, games and authentication.

A communication solution that`s available to all

The NearBytes MOBILE SDK is already available for Android, iOS, Windows, and enables the easy creation of many proximity applications.

The NearBytes WEB plugin is also available - It's the software tool that enables proximity communication between mobile devices and web pages on computer browsers. Installations are available for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Communication & authentication solutions

NearLogin is a NearBytes system that streamlines the development and integration of Token, Password and Electronic Key applications for online and offline mobile devices and WEB browsers. NearLogin comes with a premium communication version of NearBytes and NearBytes Web Plugin, and includes a security layer. A complete solution for developers!
SndKey is a white label solution that can be integrated into various specific Mobile Wallet applications for mobile payments and also at the web (eCommerce).

By using several features that are available on NearLogin, SndKey is a service that allows payment applications to perform transactions on mobile devices both online and offline, with all the security features that are necessary in financial applications.


NearBytes SDK Licensing

Communication solution - Mobile SDK + WEB Plugin:
The SDK pricing consists of a $0.26 one-time fee per enabled device ( smartphone or tablet ). If your application or business model involves activation on a large number of devices, contact us.

Communication and authentication solutions - Mobile SDK + WEB Plugin + Security and OTP authentication:
For applications using our authentication solutions, the licensing model is based on the number of identities ( users ) managed on a yearly basis. This licensing model includes an unlimited license ( premium ) for the Mobile SDK + WEB Plugin. Contact us! We'll be glad to help you choose the best solution for your business.


The NearBytes SDK was launched at the beginning of June 2013 and since then a large developer community the world over has been using the technology, proving its versatility.

We`re present in four of the five continents.

NearBytes is ready, and can be used right now in all sorts of applications.

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